On April 16th, Google announced last month that the next Google I/O developer conference will be held on May 14th. Recently, the company posted on its social platform, Platform X, revealing that there will be "AR-related announcements" at the conference. Considering that Google is currently collaborating with Qualcomm and Samsung to develop Samsung's upcoming XR headset, the AR headset information released by Google this time is likely directly related to Samsung's new product. In other words, Google may reveal some features of Samsung's XR headset at the Google I/O 2024 conference.

Samsung announced its collaboration with Google and Qualcomm to develop an XR headset as early as February 2023. Since then, there have been continuous rumors about this upcoming product. Among them, Samsung has formed a dedicated team for this purpose, and the headset is rumored to be launched alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 in July this year.

It is reported that Samsung's XR headset may adopt Google's Android-based XR operating system, Qualcomm's latest flagship XR processor Snapdragon XR 2+ Gen 2, and Sony's micro-OLED display screen.

The general expectation is that the price of Samsung's upcoming XR headset will be significantly lower than Apple's Vision Pro, perhaps placing it closer to the Meta Quest 3 in terms of pricing. Therefore, the primary competitor for Samsung's new product should be the Meta Quest 3 rather than Apple's Vision Pro. However, people will still compare these two products, despite the significant price difference between them.

Source: IT Home

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