XREAL plans to increase investment in Shanghai, with company founder and CEO Xu Chi stating on Friday that sales are expected to achieve "three-digit" growth this year, driven by the wave of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and spatial computing.
XREAL signed an agreement with the Pudong New Area to increase investment in Shanghai. This is one of the 21 project agreements signed on-site during the Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference 2024 on Friday, with a total investment of 52.4 billion yuan (7.3 billion US dollars).

XREAL 加大在上海投资:2024年销售额或将实现“三位数”增长

XREAL will increase its layout and investment in Shanghai, covering research and internationalization. Shanghai's advantages lie in its collaborative industrial chain, globalized talent resource, and geographical location. During an interview with the Shanghai Daily at the conference, Xu Chi stated that in the future, Shanghai will see the emergence of several more Metaverse enterprises with billions of dollars in scale.
According to the research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), in 2023, XREAL captured a market share of 45.2% in the global AR market, surpassing Microsoft.
In 2024, its sales are expected to achieve "three-digit" growth within the wave of spatial computing technology adopted by the Metaverse and Apple's Vision Pro.
The growing generative artificial intelligence (AI) can help create diverse and more vivid digital realms, which will drive the development of the AR device market.
"AR is the best vehicle for artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence is the best way to interact with AR," said Xu Chi in the interview.
Shanghai is the first city in the country to draft a long-term blueprint for the development of metaverse applications, with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as key technologies. Previously, the city announced its plans to vigorously develop the metaverse industry, with an expected output value of 350 billion yuan by 2025.
On September 6, 2023, XREAL released the next generation of its XREAL Air 2 series AR glasses, succeeding the XREAL Air. With outstanding product specifications and excellent user experience, it aims to push the boundaries of AR glasses even further.
XREAL 加大在上海投资:2024年销售额或将实现“三位数”增长
The XREAL Air 2 series includes two models: the XREAL Air 2 and the XREAL Air 2 Pro. The new XREAL Air 2 series features Sony's 0.55-inch Micro-OLED micro-display screen. By integrating OLED technology with image sensor backplane technology, the display screen boasts high definition, high contrast, wide color gamut, and high-speed responsiveness.
The XREAL Air 2 series has undergone comprehensive upgrades in core dimensions such as display quality, wearing comfort, and audio. The XREAL Air 2 weighs only 72g. The XREAL Air 2 Pro, building upon the Air 2, innovatively incorporates electrochromic technology to adapt to different lighting environments, making it a flagship AR glasses suitable for all-day use in various scenarios.
On January 8, 2024, XREAL officially launched the latest addition to its XREAL Air 2 series AR glasses globally—the XREAL Air 2 Ultra. The XREAL Air 2 Ultra is equipped with dual 3D environmental sensors with computer vision capabilities, offering six degrees of freedom (6DoF) functionality. Weighing only 80g, it also features a novel titanium metal circular frame.
XREAL 加大在上海投资:2024年销售额或将实现“三位数”增长
This product boasts a field of view (FOV) of 52° and a pixels per degree (PPD) of 42 (greater than the 40 PPD of the Apple Vision Pro), providing developers with an equivalent of a colossal 154-inch screen at a distance of 4 meters. With a refresh rate of up to 120Hz and a peak brightness of 500 nits, it ensures that images appear clear and vibrant under various lighting conditions.
XREAL is a China-based manufacturer of augmented reality (AR) devices. The company specializes in the development and production of AR glasses and related smart hardware products. Since its establishment, XREAL has been dedicated to advancing augmented reality technology and applying it to various scenarios and industries. The company's products have earned a strong reputation worldwide and hold significant market share in the field of augmented reality.1月份,XREAL获得了新一轮6000万美元投资。

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