Bio-based materials wearable consumer products.

Using BASF's bio-based polyamide Ultramid® material, Huawei smart glasses and Faro floating sunglasses are made.

They have the same performance as non-bio-based material solutions: lightweight, durable, and efficient coating.

At CHINAPLAS 2024, the international plastics and rubber trade fair, BASF will showcase two co-created products for the personal consumer sector made with bio-based polyamide Ultramid®. Among them, the bio-based content of the smart glasses frames co-created with Huawei reaches 39%, while the bio-based content of the floating sunglasses frames developed in collaboration with Yuanju reaches 30%.

BASF Senior Vice President,Head of Specialty Materials, Asia Pacific Region

鲍磊伟(Andy Postlethwaite)

“These collaborative products exemplify BASF's commitment to helping customers achieve their sustainability goals and demonstrate our journey towards a more sustainable future in plastics.”

Huawei Smart Glasses



By utilizing BASF Ultramid® material, the frame of Huawei smart glasses has successfully achieved a 15%-20% reduction in weight. Compared to the previous generation of products using other materials, this lightweight design can reduce pressure points on the surface, making the glasses less likely to slip.
Moreover, the outstanding flexibility of Ultramid® ensures that these smart glasses are more durable, enhancing their longevity while also ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

The floating sunglasses by Yuen Chih

The floating sunglasses are easy to color, improving production efficiency.


Thanks to its stable molding process and good adhesion with primers and coatings, the floating sunglasses jointly developed by BASF and Floatable are not only lightweight and sustainable, but also easy to color.

The research and development manager at Yuanju Yeh Chih-Hung

"BASF's bio-based material Ultramid® is crucial for driving the research and development of our next-generation consumer products, enabling us to maintain a leading position in environmental, social, and corporate governance. Additionally, the high flowability and color stability of BASF products provide designers with greater creative freedom."

原文始发于微信公众号(巴斯夫特性材料):BASF showcased wearable consumer products co-created with Huawei and Far-UV utilizing bio-based materials.

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