On April 20, at the Rokid Open Day 2024 conference, Rokid released new spatial computing products Rokid AR Lite, Rokid Max 2+ and Rokid Station 2 equipped with Snapdragon computing platform.

Currently, this series of products has been officially launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. As of the time of writing on May 28, its cumulative crowdfunding amount is US$319,672 (approximately RMB 2,316,503) and has 667 backers.



According to the Kickstarter crowdfunding page, Rokid has launched multiple different versions of packages this time. Among them, the early bird price of Station 2 is US$199, the early bird price of Max 2 is US$359, and the Rokid AR Lite package version is US$479 (approximately 3,471 yuan).



Based on the Rokid AR Lite package version, the price plus TWS Earbuds, Rokid Hub, and Keyboard is US$589; the highest package price is US$9,200, including 20 Rokid AR Lite packages. The crowdfunding page shows that the Rokid AR Lite is expected to be delivered in September 2024.

Source: VR Gyro

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