From April 23rd to 26th, the Chinaplas International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition was held in Shanghai, where some material suppliers showcased the applications of their raw materials in AR/VR. These mainly consisted of two types: one type for AR/VR casings and temples made of nylon (PA), polycarbonate (PC), and TPU, and another type for lenses made of polycarbonate (PC) and cycloolefin copolymer (COOC) materials. We have compiled a list of 9 companies exhibiting AR/VR materials, and if any are missing, please feel free to add them.
To facilitate better communication among industry professionals, Aibang has established an AR/VR industry exchange group, including manufacturers of raw materials, lenses, molds, processing, equipment, testing, optical modules, perceptual interactive modules, terminals, and more. Everyone is welcome to join the group for communication.
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1. Covestro

Material: Makrolon (Polycarbonate, PC) RE Solution
Application: Light granule AR smart swimming goggles
Characteristics: Good impact resistance under lightweight design, excellent chemical resistance, suitable for various water sports and swimming pool environments. This environmentally friendly RE material contains a proportion of recycled biomass, maintaining good transparency while reducing carbon emissions.

2. Graphene Technology

Application: Pancake lens, Fresnel lens
Material: Tometoo SOOC (Special Cycloolefin Copolymer)
Performance: It possesses outstanding optical performance, weather resistance, molding processability, dimensional stability, biocompatibility, and low dielectric properties.

3. Teijin Group

Material: Panlite SH-1126 series Polycarbonate (PC)
Performance: High surface hardness, ductile failure, heat resistance, low water absorption.


Application: Huawei smart eyewear temples
Material: Lightweight and bio-based Uitramid Polyamide (PA) material
Performance: Excellent flexibility and easy coating processing.

5. Jinfan Technology

Material: PC, GF PC for VR controller; low-density material PA10T for VR casing.

6. Merck New Materials

Material: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Application: VR casing

7. Selenis

Application: Grawoow AR glasses, VR glasses frames
Material: Zytel LCPA (PA610)
Performance: Low density (as low as 0.86), lightweight solution; good balance of rigidity and toughness; high flowability, easy processing, improving design freedom; recyclable, reducing environmental impact.

8. Youtuo Polymer (Agent for Ames)

Material: Ames Grivory Nylon
Application: Structural components for AR glasses

9. Arkema

Material: Rilsan® PA11
Application: Structural components for VR glasses
Performance: Bio-based, ultra-low density (below 0.9g/cm3), strong durability, shape memory, flexibility, and dyeability.
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