On March 29th, vivo's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Hu Baishan, announced at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2024 that the next generation of products with smartphone potential will be MR (Mixed Reality). Vivo has been preparing for this for many years and is expected to launch an MR prototype on the occasion of its 30th anniversary next year.
According to previous reports, vivo applied for a smart glasses patent in August 2023. During the vivo Lounge Open Day event in December last year, Hu Baishan, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of vivo, revealed that vivo is currently laying out the MR (Mixed Reality) and humanoid robot tracks, with a product launch expected within three years. According to a report by Interface News at the time, Hu Baishan mentioned that vivo's largest technology investment in the future will also be in these two areas.
In June 2019, vivo released an AR smart glasses that provided expanded entertainment for its smartphone users. The AR glasses device required pairing with vivo's 5G smartphones for use.
This new AR device features a 110-inch 3D display that is portable and can be carried around. The vivo AR glasses adopt a design similar to sunglasses, with integrated semi-transparent glass lenses. They support 60 degrees of freedom and are equipped with three cameras. Two separate displays inside the lenses support 720P 3D viewing.
使用vivo AR眼镜是通过数据线与iQOO 5G手机连接后,将手机作为交互入口,眼镜则是投射内容。除此之外,vivo AR眼镜还具备游戏、影院、物体识别、办公系统以及面部识别功能。
What new technologies and features will the new MR models have after six years? Let's wait and see!

The original article was first published on the WeChat official account (Aibang VR Industry News):vivo plans to launch an MR prototype next year.

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