Virtual reality (VR) has completely transformed several industries, with its immersive experience making a huge impact in the education and training sectors. Digital tools utilizing VR technology, such as 3D learning environments, allow learners to gain a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts.


The adoption of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) in various VR device applications has enhanced comfort and functionality, contributing to the VR experience. This includes applications such as sealing for VR headsets, controller grips, straps, facial cushions, among others.

The RC/AD1/AP series from Kraiburg TPE® provides manufacturers with unique advantages, allowing them to create VR devices and accessories that prioritize user comfort and image quality.

The flexibility of the RC/AD1/AP series allows manufacturers to mold VR device components into various shapes, ensuring users experience a comfortable seal that conforms to the skin's surface. This seal effectively prevents stray light interference, thereby maintaining image quality. By combining rigid plastics with TPE, manufacturers can achieve tactile contrast, making this series suitable for applications such as headbands, controller buttons, and grips.

The RC/AD1/AP series features a non-sticky and soft-touch surface, providing users with a comfortable and pleasant experience. Additionally, this series supports cost-effective overmolding, allowing the material to be directly placed onto the shell.

In addition, sustainability and safety are paramount considerations for the RC/AD1/AP series. It contains up to 50% post-industrial recycled material, aligning with environmental objectives. To ensure user safety, the series undergoes rigorous testing and complies with UL 94HB, ISO10993-5 (cytotoxicity), and ISO10993-23 (skin irritation) standards. It also meets RoHS and REACH SVHC requirements.

The THERMOLAST® R RC/AD1/AP series from Thermolast R offers pre-colored options, including black and natural colors, providing manufacturers with a diverse range of choices to meet various consumer demands.


The original article was first published on the WeChat official account (Aibang VR Industry News):Covestro's TPE material is applied in VR devices.

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