EMS- GRIVORY is part of the High Performance Polymers Division of the EMS Group. The largest development center and production base are located in Domat/Ems, Switzerland, with production bases in Germany, China, Taiwan and the United States. It also has development and sales facilities in all major markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas to quickly reach customers on site.
EMS-GRIVORY's strength lies not only in the development and production of high-performance polyamides, but also in the development of innovative system solutions together with customers around the world. Cost savings and weight reduction through metal replacement materials are at the core of its focus, and EMS-GRIVORY also offers unique solutions for high-quality surfaces, designs and colors.
EMS polyamide makes sunglasses and sports eyewear the perfect combination of functionality, unlimited personalization possibilities, color variety and UV protection. EMS polyamides are also used to create lightweight and virtually unbreakable frames for corrective eyeglasses. When it comes to safety eyewear, its products offer the highest safety standards with impact strength and break resistance.


With Grilamid TR 90, EMS-GRIVORY is the global leader in the market for transparent polyamides due to its outstanding chemical and stress crack resistance, as well as excellent optical and mechanical properties.

EMS-GRIVORY offers its customers extensive support throughout the development process and even during series production. Service performance is tailored to meet the specific customer needs of each market segment. Starting from the first feasibility study and economic analysis, experienced development engineers work hand in hand with the customer to participate in prototype manufacturing and specific component testing as well as mold optimization and process optimization. When necessary, products are adapted to meet specific needs. this meansEMS-GRIVORY Provide customers with a complete solution that helps them stand out from the market through cost savings, weight reduction and new designs.

6月14日,Aymans (Suzhou) Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific XR/Optical Products Key Account Manager WuMr. will attend Aibang"The 5th AR/VR Industry Chain Summit Forum"And give great speeches.

Time: June 14, 2024
Place:Grand Skylight International Hotel Guanlan Shenzhen

the speech topic:"Application of EMS materials in ARVR products


Meeting details:Invitation Letter: 5th AR/VR/MR Industry Forum [June 14th, Shenzhen]


The original article was first published on the WeChat official account (Aibang VR Industry News):EMS: Application of EMS materials in ARVR products

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